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Three Core Products of Hilong Information Technology Company launched at the 2nd China Intelligent Oil and Gas Pipeline and Intelligent Pipe Network Technology Exchange Conference

Date:2020-10-30 | Read(374)

 (October 27, 2020, Shanghai) The 2nd China Intelligent Oil and Gas Pipeline and Intelligent Pipe Network Technology Exchange Conference and Mountainous Area Oil and Gas Pipeline Safety and Intelligent Operation Technology Exchange Conference were held in Chengdu from October 15th to 16th, 2020. Three core products (petrochemical multidimensional perceptive patrol robots, laser spectroscopy products, and optical fiber sensing products) of Hilong (Shanghai) Information Technology Company (Hilong Information), a subsidiary of Hilong Group, were unveiled and received widespread attention.

Among them, the petrochemical multidimensional perceptive patrol robot attracted much attention. It can not only be used to efficiently complete repetitive inspection work and emergency auxiliary work under severe conditions, but can also be used as a professional inspection tool to detect hidden risks in advance and ensure safe production.

During the pipeline management sub-forum, Feng Qin, Deputy General Manager of Hilong Information, pointed out various risks in traditional oil and gas field inspections in his speech on "Multi-dimensional sensing inspection technology and application in the petrochemical industry". He identified the significant problems in the manual inspection to be the large data errors and high management costs, among other issues. The disadvantages of low data intelligence and delays in early warning response may cause companies to fail in accurately monitoring production in real time, leading to frequent accidents. In accordance with the overall premise of "regional management, integration of operation, inspection, and maintenance, as well as centralized control, monitoring, and inspection", and based on the policy of "develop the same management system and same inspection manual, and realize integration of people, systems, and terminals", Hilong Information has set up an intelligent inspection platform, and deepened the application of IoT and intelligent technology. The launch of the multi-dimensional interactive inspection robot for intelligent oil and gas field stations achieves automatic inspection of production data, equipment status, and on-site environment through the detection, identification, and real-time processing and analysis of the monitoring of inspection targets.

In addition, the optical fiber sensing series products independently developed by Hilong Information also received fervent attention at the conference. It employs the same trench optical fiber as the sensor to detect physical quantities like vibration and temperature along the pipeline in real time. Through intelligent signal analysis and identification, it realizes features like monitoring and early warning of third-party destructive events along the pipeline, pig tracking and positioning, fiber optic cable fault location, and temperature measurement along the pipeline.

The laser spectroscopy series products are based on gas spectrum fingerprint recognition technology, which can measure the change in concentration of the target gas, to spot leaks. "Compared to similar products in the market, Hilong Information's products offer wide varieties (hand-held, reflective, pan/tilt, single-point type), high sensitivity, large monitoring area, long detection distance, and strong stability." said Feng Qin.

This conference is the first professional exchange conference with the largest scale in the national oil and gas industry since the establishment of PipeChina. More than 1,000 representatives from universities, research institutions and operating units of PipeChina, PetroChina, Sinopec, and CNOOC, engaged in pipeline planning, survey, design, construction, and operation, gathered to discuss the development direction of intelligent oil and gas pipeline operations.